The Lake Wenatchee area offers a range of cross country ski areas for beginners to advanced skiers. Trail descriptions are below, current conditions:

Saturday, 03/17     8:30 a.m.    28 degrees     0” new snow past 24 hrs.  Clear skies   21” Snow depth

As our groomers are conducting end of season maintenance on the Snow Cats, staff have been snowmobile-grooming sections of North Lake Wenatchee State Park. We have stopped grooming at all other Sno-Parks as conditions do not allow.

In the North Park, we have snowmobile groomed both campground loops and the upper section of the trail with a full skate lane and tracks set. We have not groomed along the lake and river shorelines, as conditions are thin and have exposed soil.

Expect spring conditions with thin spots under tree canopies. Grooming will be completed this morning around 10:00am; trails will be softer when temperatures warm up.

South Park & Kahler Glen:  No Further grooming in this area.
North Park: Completed on 03/18 around 10:00am. Thin spots under tree canopies. No tracks set along river or shoreline.  
Nason Ridge: Upper Nason Ridge completed 03/10.  No Further grooming in this area.
Chiwawa:  Last groomed on 3/4. Extensive wet areas in lowest sections of trail.  No longer grooming here. Dogs are allowed.
 Permits:   A Season Sno-Park pass with Groomed Trails sticker will get you into all parking areas ($80).  The Daily Sno-Park pass ($20) also requires an Annual or Daily Discover Pass in the park. Self-pay stations are available at each parking area within the park for daily Sno-Park and daily Discover Passes.  Permits may be purchased online at  or locally at the Midway Grocery or Plain Hardware.

Lake Wenatchee State Park South and Kahler Glen (13k):
Multiple trails loop thru the campground, and across Cedar Brae Rd to connect to Kahler Glen Golf Course. From Kahler Glen you can continue to the Nason Ridge Trail system. A daily or seasonal Sno-Park permit required, funds from these passes directly support the grooming program.  Day permit (need a Discover pass) are available in the South Park parking lot, annual permit (no Discover pass needed) are available at the Midway Market and Plain Hardware.

Lake Wenatchee State Park North (5.3k):
Multiple trails loop thru the campgrounds, along the Wenatchee River and out to an excellent view point. Ski along the lake to “Cardiac Hill”, the one steep ascent or for the brave, decent, in the South Park. A daily or seasonal Sno-Park permit required, funds from these sales directly support the grooming program.

Nason Ridge Ski trails (25k):
Access by skiing up from the South State Park or from the parking area across from the golf practice range. Nason Ridge trails offer intermediate and expert skiers excellent views of Nason Creek, Lake Wenatchee, and Dirty Face Mountain. The trail starts from the Southeast corner of Kahler Glen. The first 3.2 miles (5.3k) of the trail follow an old logging road up and down above Nason creek. After crossing under the power lines the trail will turn west climbing moderately. There will be two junctions that climb to the right, this is the 7.8 mile (13k) ridge loop. The first junction is a steeper route to the ridge. On the main trail you can skip the ridge loop and continue out and back to Butcher Creek.   A full skate lane is provided on these trails.  Thanks to Weyerhaeuser for allowing access to this land.


Chiwawa See and ski trail  (8k):
Accessed from the Sno Park 3/4 of a mile past the Midway Market on Chiwawa Loop Road, the See and Ski trail is a 5 mile (8k) lolly pop loop. The trail follows above the Wenatchee River for approximately a mile where it joins a loop. The loop travels thru thinned forest, then back along the Wenatchee river. See and Ski is open to canine companions after noon.  A full skate lane is provided on this trail.  New this year we will be occasionally snowmobile grooming the “Squirrel Run” route which runs parallel to the See & Ski, on the opposite side of the road, creating a nice loop option.  A daily or seasonal Sno-Park permit is required, funds from these sales directly support the grooming program.