Lake Wenatchee State Park

Grooming Report

Thursday, 2/27/2020   7:30 a.m.              28 degrees                   0” new snow                    26” Current Snow Depth

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Grooming Report:

Spring like conditions. Thin spots are more frequent in areas of dense tree cover and along shorelines. Trails are grooming out well after many passes with the groomer. Trails have tracks set, but with thinning trails, tracks may not be set very deep.


The South and Kahler Glen trails are seeing the best overall conditions of all the networks. Lower Nason has a few washouts which will need to be walked around.


We have ceased grooming at Chiwawa Sno-Park due to extremely low snow conditions and washouts present along the trail. We will not groom this trail again until we receive a sufficient amount of snow.

South Park & Kahler Glen: South Park will be groomed by 8 a.m. with majority of trails groomed. Kahler Glen groomed by 10 a.m. Both trail systems are in decent condition, there are thin spots along shoreline and dense tree cover.

North Park: Groomed at 6 a.m. The trail section that runs along the lake and river has not been groomed due to low snow conditions. If using this network, staying in the campground loops is suggested.

Chiwawa: We have ceased grooming all trails at Chiwawa Sno-Park due to extremely low snow conditions and washouts present along the trail. We will not groom this trail again until we receive a sufficient amount of snow. Dogs allowed after 10 a.m.

Nason Ridge: Lower Nason trail will be groomed by 11 a.m. Upper Nason was last groomed on 2/23. Lower Nason has a few washouts, and skiers will have to walk around them. Lower Nason is groomed with no tracks set due to thinning conditions.

Permit Information

The Daily Sno-Park pass ($20) is good in all areas for the day. This pass is for the vehicle – no other passes are required! Self-pay stations are available in the North and South State Park areas.   A Season Sno-Park pass with Groomed Trails sticker will get you into all parking areas ($80.   Permits are available online: Buy a SnoPark Permit   Local vendors include Der Sportsman, Midway Grocery, and Plain Hardware. 

X-C Trail Descriptions and Grooming Schedule:

South ParkApproximately 12 k groomed trails, double-tracked. Within the state park, the total includes a series of 1-3 km loops and longer runs through forest, along the lakeshore, and above the Wenatchee River.  Open loops groomed in and around Kahler Glen Golf Course.  These trails will typically be groomed Thursday through Monday.

Nason Ridge Backcountry:  This 20-kilometer groomed trail system begins at the Nason Ridge Sno-Park at Kahler Glen, within the South Park trail system.  The first 7 k (“Lower Nason”) has rolling hills.  At 7 k a challenging 13 k loop option begins (“Upper Nason”).  The trail climbs 1,500′ to access miles of rolling, open, ridge-top terrain.  The panoramic views of Lake Wenatchee and the surrounding Cascade mountains are spectacular.  All trails are groomed with one track lane and a wide skating lane.  Lower Nason Thursdays and the entire trail system including Upper Nason Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.  Challenging loop trip options are possible by way of the un-groomed Nason Ridge hiking trail. The great majority of this trails system lies on private land owned by WESTERN RIVERS Thanks to this organization for allowing access!

North Park: The groomed trails in the North Park area provides 5.3 k of scenic trails which loop through the campgrounds, follow the river and lake shores, and run through quiet stretches of forest. This area offers a less-traveled alternative to the sometimes busy trails in the South Park area. These trails will typically be groomed 3 – 4 times weekly Thursday through Monday as conditions and equipment allow.  Full skate lanes in the camp loops, the rest double-tracked with mini-skate lane (5.5 ft).

Chiwawa See and Ski and Squirrel Run:  This Sno-park offers the “See and Ski” 8k groomed trail and the “Squirrel Run” 6k groomed trail.  The See and Ski and Squirrel Run connect 3k from the parking lot by crossing the Chiwawa loop road, creating a loop.  These trails are groomed with a full skate lane (8 ft) and single track for the entire route.  Both trails pass through beautiful forest, the See and Ski has great views of the Wenatchee River.  These trails will typically be groomed 2-3 days/week, Friday through Monday.

Dogs are allowed after 10 am!

Snowshoe Trail Information:  South Park: Here we offer a 1.8-mile loop trip and a route to Nason Ridge for the more adventurous.  The loop follows Wenatchee River and Nason creek then returns to the beach through a Ponderosa Pine / Douglas fir forest.   The Nason Ridge trail runs 2.7 miles from beach to ridge top.  Great views begin about one mile from the beach.

North Park: A 2-mile loop is maintained along river, lakeshore and through forest.  Thanks to our volunteers!

Chiwawa: A 1.5 or 3.8 mile semi-loop snowshoe trail – 600’ elevation gain, great views. Volunteer built!

Sled Hill:   A moderate slope, about 150’ long. Good for families.  Located in the South Park.