The Sockeye salmon fishery opens August 3rd.  Accessing the lake during this fishery is challenging for the folks heading out to fish, park staff trying to maintain order, and the campers who are entitled to a peaceful night’s rest.  Here are some items to be aware of if you are intending to launch from the state park boat launch:

  • Parking:  Please look for and abide by posted parking regulations.  In particular truck/trailers must disconnect everywhere except the left side of the long dirt parking area above the beach, and only at the point where signing indicates this can begin. Please double-check your Pass-  the parking passes issued with your fishing license or hunting license are valid only on Fish and Game lands. Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) parking pass is NOT valid in state parks.
    • No parking outside of clearly designated parking lots (i.e. road edges, forest, horse stables, or small paved area which is posted “No Trailers”.
    • Failure to comply with parking regulations will result in $50 fines.
  • The launch fee is $7.00 and a one day parking pass is $10.  An annual boat launch pass covers everything, and an Annual Discover Pass covers parking only.  If you have none of the above, come prepared to pay $17.
    • Please bring cash or your checkbook.  There is a credit card ticket-spitter in the main beach parking lot; it is not 100% reliable however.
    • There are pay stations in each parking lot, including the boat ramp.  Only the beach lot offers the credit card option.
  • No overnight parking is allowed except registered campers, no exceptions.
  • If you have a reservation in our campground you must vacate your site by 1 p.m. on the day of departure.
  • PLEASE BE AS QUIET AS POSSIBLE.  We are allowing entry into the park before operating hours to accommodate this fishery.  Our camping guests deserve as much peace as you can provide.

Excessive noise, parking violations, and other conflicts may have an impact on future access to the boat launch prior to legal operating hours – 6:30 a.m. to Dusk.

 Thanks in advance for your cooperation, and good luck!