Long time resident, and descentant of early settlers Rollie Schmitten has just published a book on the early history of Lake Wenatchee. The book is available at the Midway Market, Plain Hardware and Ridgeline Graphics in Wenatchee. Here is Rollie’s description of the goal of the book.

The book was a 4 year labor of love. We were down to the Dickinson family as the only remaining homestead family living at Lake Wenatchee. Byron hoodwinked me into writing it when I approached him about doing it as he grew up on the lake and returned after a successful career in the Army Air Corps but he said that “we” would do it. He did write the Dickinson chapter which adds tremendous color. Sadly both Byron and Bruce both passed away before I could finish the book and I dedicated it to them and their families.

I had selected a photo taken from Crescent Beach for the cover but found this picture from a guy in North Carolina (go figure) on e-bay. I knew the scene and could already envision it with the blue title. When I got it, the back read, a view of Lake Wenatchee along the scenic Stevens Pass Highway with the byline, Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce 1954. I called them and got their permission to use it.
I am only a fair writer but a good researcher and that is why it took so long to write. It is not “just a picture book” but I wanted to tell the stories about the first homesteaders and other early groups before they were gone forever.
As I said in the disclaimer, many stories have been handed down from generation to generation and some embellished along the way. Therefore, I am happy to receive any new information and edits and should there be next addition they will be included.

I am looking for a volunteer to carry the story from the 1950s forward. There is lots to work with. To contact Rollie with additional information, corrections or interest in helping with Volume 2 email him at: Rollie Schmitten