Kahler Glen Ice Rink Conditions

Saturday February 24th  – 9:00 am

The rink is Closed !  Efforts continue to recover the rink.  Despite warning to not walk on  the rink, this occurred anyway resulting in frozen tracks when the ice set up.  As a result, 25% of the rink is unrecoverable.

Volunteers are needed to man the snow blowers and help with periodic grooming & flooding. To have your name added to the volunteer list please contact Mel Tucker @ 509 670 6982  if you would like to help whenever you are available.

The Kahler Glen ice rink is managed and maintained by volunteers.  To fund operations this season we are raising donations. To contribute please see: Ice Rink GoFundMe.


The lake Wenatchee Winter Recreation Association volunteers are only providing their opinion on the quality and safety of the ice. They are not experts in determining the safety of the ice and assume no liability for this information.  You must determine the safety of the ice for yourself.


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