The Planning Commission of Chelan County completed their deliberations on the possible regulation of short-term rentals on July 9th and has now submitted their draft proposal to the County Commissioners. The significant provisions of the proposal would allow some short-term whole-house rentals in residential zones subject to oversight including limits on number of guests, sunsetting provisions, density limitations and other inspections/compliance provisions.

The draft proposal may be viewed at

The Chelan County Commissioners will begin deliberation of the draft proposals at a workshop meeting at 5:30 PM tonight,  July 21st. The public is invited to listen in on virtual meeting by going to this meeting. It is not anticipated that testimony will be taken from the public at that meeting but testimony will be taken at subsequent meetings.

To join this Zoom meeting go to:

Meeting ID: 650 411 499
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Questions ref this process or the draft proposal can be submitted to the Director of Community Development at