Public Safety Announcement – July 27, 2020
 Resolution 2020-77 was passed by the Chelan County Commissioners that the designation of the Fire Hazard Level will be VERY HIGH in the Fire Districts and unincorporated areas of Chelan County beginning on Monday July 27, 2020.
To limit the number of human caused fires, no outdoor fires and/or outdoor open flame devices, except as allowed by written permit or approval from the appropriate fire protection agency are allowed. Permits are not required for use of the following:
(1) commercially made listed/labeled barbeque devices located and used at a residence; and
(2) stoves or fireplace fires completely contained within a residence.
Remember that Fireworks are prohibited throughout Chelan County.
As of Monday June 1, 2020, open burning was closed. This includes natural vegetation and yard debris. This restriction remains in place until October 1, 2020
No Household trash or garbage shall be burned outdoors at residences at any time and burn barrels are illegal and are not permitted.

UPDATE 7-30-2020:  Consistent with Resolution 2020-77 and Chelan County Code Chapter 7.52 the following activities are approved within the boundaries of Chelan County Fire District #9 (Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue)

Portable and fixed propane fireplaces/rings are allowed. These open flame devices must be UL approved, non-ember-producing, placed on a non-combustible surface and located 25 feet from combustible construction and brush

Attended campfires are permitted in designated campgrounds with 24-hour attendants (Lake Wenatchee State Park). No campfires shall be allowed during forecasted red flag and wind events. Campfires shall not be allowed during times when U.S. Forest Service campgrounds restrict campfires.

Dave Walker, Fire Chief, Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue