Rowboat/fishing boat looking for home

An aluminum rowboat/fishing boat has been recovered that was adrift on Lake Wenatchee. To claim it call Mike at 425-443-0554 and describe the boat to claim it.

Chickamin Fire Trail Closures

See attached flier for a listing of trails that are now closed due to the Chickamin fire. We will update fire status as more info becomes available. At this time the fire is burning in a relatively remote area.

Firefighters have responded to a wildfire near Chikamin Ridge in remote terrain about 10 miles North of Plain/Lake Wenatchee.   No word on structural threat. This is the “Chikamin Fire”?.   It is currently not threatening. Winds are pushing West to East. Current information shows a rappel crew being sent to contain. We will continue to update as there are changes.
Update. 1300 hrs   At approx 11 am the fire was estimated at 30 acres. At 1230 the fire continues to progress uphill and is showing a column. Visible activity will increase as the day warms. Two helicopters will be operating out of the fish lake air strip. Please avoid that area.
This photo of the Chikamin plume was taken from SR207 at 4PM Friday……………
UPDATE: 1:OO pm Saturday 8-1-2020:

From information collected during an infrared flight Friday night over the Chikamin Fire, the size of the fire is now estimated at 129 acres. This lightning-caused fire is burning in timber in very steep and inaccessible terrain. Approximately 75 personnel are assigned to the fire. Crews will be utilizing natural features, existing roads and trails, and the footprints of past fire areas as they construct fireline to contain the spread of the fire.
Friday,  fire activity was mostly active in ground fuels with some isolated single tree torching and short range spotting. Somewhat cooler temperatures forecast for today should help firefighting efforts.
Those that would like to follow daily reports on this fire can do so via

 The Sockeye salmon fishery opens August 3rd.  Accessing the lake during this fishery is challenging for the folks heading out to fish, park staff trying to maintain order, and the campers who are entitled to a peaceful night’s rest.  Here are some items to be aware of if you are intending to launch from the state park boat launch:

  • Parking:  Please look for and abide by posted parking regulations.  In particular truck/trailers must disconnect everywhere except the left side of the long dirt parking area above the beach, and only at the point where signing indicates this can begin. Please double-check your Pass-  the parking passes issued with your fishing license or hunting license are valid only on Fish and Game lands. Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) parking pass is NOT valid in state parks.
    • No parking outside of clearly designated parking lots (i.e. road edges, forest, horse stables, or small paved area which is posted “No Trailers”.
    • Failure to comply with parking regulations will result in $50 fines.
  • The launch fee is $7.00 and a one day parking pass is $10.  An annual boat launch pass covers everything, and an Annual Discover Pass covers parking only.  If you have none of the above, come prepared to pay $17.
    • Please bring cash or your checkbook.  There is a credit card ticket-spitter in the main beach parking lot; it is not 100% reliable however.
    • There are pay stations in each parking lot, including the boat ramp.  Only the beach lot offers the credit card option.
  • No overnight parking is allowed except registered campers, no exceptions.
  • If you have a reservation in our campground you must vacate your site by 1 p.m. on the day of departure.
  • PLEASE BE AS QUIET AS POSSIBLE.  We are allowing entry into the park before operating hours to accommodate this fishery.  Our camping guests deserve as much peace as you can provide.

Excessive noise, parking violations, and other conflicts may have an impact on future access to the boat launch prior to legal operating hours – 6:30 a.m. to Dusk.

 Thanks in advance for your cooperation, and good luck!


Sockeye 2020, Opens Monday Aug 3

The rumors we have all been hoping were true, ARE… Sockeye 2020 starts 1 hour before sunrise on Monday. The limit is 4 fish per license. Complete info can be found here, go get the gear sorted. WSFW Announcement

This from the Chelan County Sheriff:

 Living in an area where we love our local fruit that is grown here, this is important info to know about.
Recently the Washington State Department of Agriculture has received reports of residents receiving seeds from China that they did not order. The package labeling indicated that jewelry was inside, but instead the residents found seeds. Agriculture officials are cautioning residents that if you get these in your mailbox don’t plant them. The unidentified seeds could be an invasive species.
They have also received reports of people who purchased seeds from an online retailer thinking the seeds were from the United States, only to learn when the package arrived in the mail (also usually listing something other than seeds on the mailing labels) that the seeds were from another country.
Avoiding plant import regulations and bypassing customs (for example, by mislabeling a package and identifying its contents as something else) to get plant material into the United States is known as agricultural smuggling and is not only illegal, but poses a serious threat to our farms, gardens, animals, and environment.
• They could be invasive. Some plants are not allowed to enter the country because they are known to be invasive, and could out-compete native plants.
• They could harbor pests and diseases. Plants and seeds can have insect or disease pests that could devastate native plants that have no defense against them. This could lead to the loss of plants or require increased pesticide use to manage.
• They could harm livestock. Some plants are toxic to livestock and other animals – even humans. If they are planted, they could be harmful to livestock and other animals.

Good Morning-

With the seemingly constant changes in rules thought a quick update on the status of local food service places might be helpful.  Here’s the short version……….

59’ER DINER: Open 9AM to 9PM Monday through Thursday and 9AM to 9:30 PM Friday and Saturday for carry-out at the walk-up window. Telephone orders can be placed at 509-763-2267 or online at

The WILDFLOUR AT KAHLER GLEN: Will re-open Friday, July 31st, with limited indoor and outdoor seating. Open Wednesday through Saturday 3PM to 9PM, also serving their Saturday brunch from 10AM to 2PM on Saturdays. Telephone 509-888-2737.

HEADWATERS PUB AND PIZZA: Open Noon to 8PM Sunday through Wednesday and Noon to 9 Thursday through Saturday. Telephone 763-3501

THE SQUIRREL TREE:  Monday through Thursday, opening at 8AM, 7AM Saturday and Sunday for indoor seating or outdoors on the new large patio. Telephone 509-763-0336

THE OLD MILL CAFE, PLAIN: Wednesday through Sunday, opening at 7:30 AM. Telephone 509-888-5102



Public Safety Announcement – July 27, 2020
 Resolution 2020-77 was passed by the Chelan County Commissioners that the designation of the Fire Hazard Level will be VERY HIGH in the Fire Districts and unincorporated areas of Chelan County beginning on Monday July 27, 2020.
To limit the number of human caused fires, no outdoor fires and/or outdoor open flame devices, except as allowed by written permit or approval from the appropriate fire protection agency are allowed. Permits are not required for use of the following:
(1) commercially made listed/labeled barbeque devices located and used at a residence; and
(2) stoves or fireplace fires completely contained within a residence.
Remember that Fireworks are prohibited throughout Chelan County.
As of Monday June 1, 2020, open burning was closed. This includes natural vegetation and yard debris. This restriction remains in place until October 1, 2020
No Household trash or garbage shall be burned outdoors at residences at any time and burn barrels are illegal and are not permitted.

UPDATE 7-30-2020:  Consistent with Resolution 2020-77 and Chelan County Code Chapter 7.52 the following activities are approved within the boundaries of Chelan County Fire District #9 (Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue)

Portable and fixed propane fireplaces/rings are allowed. These open flame devices must be UL approved, non-ember-producing, placed on a non-combustible surface and located 25 feet from combustible construction and brush

Attended campfires are permitted in designated campgrounds with 24-hour attendants (Lake Wenatchee State Park). No campfires shall be allowed during forecasted red flag and wind events. Campfires shall not be allowed during times when U.S. Forest Service campgrounds restrict campfires.

Dave Walker, Fire Chief, Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue

 OLYMPIA – July 24, 2020 – Today, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission announced it will begin limiting the number of visitors at two state parks in Chelan county.

To avoid overcrowding, Lake Chelan and Lake Wenatchee state parks staff will close day-use areas to additional visitors when parking lots become full. This measure starts today.

Signs will be posted at park entrances when they reach capacity. Park staff will also monitor entrances to educate visitors who attempt to access the park on foot.

“We want to provide the public with enjoyable outdoor recreation opportunities this summer,” said region manager Ryan Layton. “But we need to do it safely by following state public health guidelines.”

Both parks have been experiencing high visitation numbers this summer, making it hard for visitors and staff to maintain social distance. This is particularly true for swimming areas.

State Parks is asking visitors to follow the Guidelines for Responsible Recreation when planning a trip to any state park, especially more popular destinations such as Lake Chelan and Lake Wenatchee. The public should avoid parking on county roads to access the park on foot.

Visitors should check what’s open before heading out, avoid crowds and be prepared to go somewhere else if the park is at capacity.

State parks reopened day-use areas in early May after a five-week closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Camping began reopening June 1. To date, not all state parks have reopened.

Visitors should be prepared to go somewhere else if park is full 

News media contacts:

Anna Gill, Communications Director (360) 902-8562, or


Breezy to windy conditions will continue this afternoon with a
second cold front reinforcing the winds. Dry air with the cold front will keep 
relative humidity values at critical values for the afternoon and early evening 
hours. Rapid fire spread will be possible with any new or ongoing fires.

2020 Sockeye Preview

From talking with local fish expert Rollie, here is the latest on Sockeye predictions for this summer’s season.

“The best estimates are from 38-41,000 Lake Wenatchee sockeye. With the cold and the high water the fish have been slow to reach Tumwater. There were only 100+ fish last week, but thing have changes with 3,000 going over the dam early this week. Who know if the hot weather now is a good thing, how fast the main body of fish will come up the river. I would think at the earliest opening will be the last part of the next week, but more likely the first week in Aug. Don’t forget some 4-5 years ago the water warmed too quickly and 15,000 fish refused to go up the Weantchee River.