Chelan County Commissioner Kevin Overbay will hold his regular monthly public meeting with constituents in Plain this Friday, October 12th. The meeting will begin at 9AM in the conference room of Beaver Valley Lodge, the first building to the south of Plain Grocery. These meetings have been well-attended, lively and interesting. Bring your questions or comments on county issues and join us on Friday!

The Cascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group (CCFEG) will begin a five-year pilot project on the Upper Chiwawa River beginning in October 2018.

The Chiwawa River, along with most rivers in the Pacific Northwest, has seen dramatic declines of native salmon and trout over the past 150 years. It’s estimated (based on early salmon cannery records) that the Columbia River and its tributaries receive less than 10% of historical numbers of adult salmon and steelhead. As a result of these concerning declines, Upper Columbia Spring Chinook, Summer Steelhead, and Bull Trout have been placed on the Endangered Species Act. CCFEG and our partners are working to reverse these downward trends by improving stream habitat.
Healthy salmon streams need

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Yard waste burning now permitted

 Effective 10-1-2018 the outdoor burning of slash and yard waste is allowed. The following conditions apply:

Burn piles must be attended at all times
You must have means to extinguish on site
Burn piles may not be larger than 4 feet by 4 feet
Call Department of Ecology to confirm it is a burn day 1-800-406-5322 recording prompts #1 and #2.
Fires must be extinguished by dusk
Land Clearing burns bust have special permission from Department of Ecology obtain a permit at 1-509-575-2490 or visit

Cougar Spotted on Cedar Brae

Mark W reported a cougar at mile post 2 on Cedar Brae this afternoon around 1pm.   Just a reminder, fall is a prime time for wildlife to try and snack on your garbage, please lock your garbage cans, and if possible don’t put out until the morning of pickup.

Here is a bear tested garbage can locking design. Bear Proof Desgin

Campfires now allowed in compliant fire pits

 Fire danger is now rated at HIGH in Chelan County which does allow campfires in compliant campfire areas.

“Campfire area” is an outdoor fire-burning area for recreational fires where natural wood materials other than rubbish can be burned. The campfire area must have all combustible material removed down to mineral soil and shall have a containment area of either rock, metal, concrete or any other noncombustible material and shall not be more than thirty-six inches in diameter and twenty-four inches high. All combustible material one and one-half feet surrounding the campfire area shall be removed. Fuel for the recreational residential campfire shall not extend above the edge of the campfire containment area.
High fire danger restrictions include:
(i) No Fireworks. Use, display, and discharge of all fireworks are prohibited.
(ii) Further Restricted Outdoor Fires. No person shall build, ignite, or maintain any outdoor fire of any kind or character, or for any purpose whatsoever, in or upon any high fire hazard area, except by the authority of a written permit or approval from the appropriate fire protection agency.
Exception: No permit will be required for outdoor fires on private residential premises or designated campsites where such fires may be built in a permanent barbecue, portable barbecue, outdoor fireplace, or grill. Such a permit shall incorporate such terms and conditions to reasonably safeguard public safety and property.
(iii) Restricted Open Flame Devices. No person shall operate or use any device liable to start or cause fire in or upon any high fire hazard area, except for the approved open flame devices listed below or by the authority of a written permit from the appropriate fire protection agency:
(a) Approved Open Flame Devices. Liquid gas stoves or fires, including:
(I) Pressurized gas camp stoves, catalytic heaters, and white gas camp stoves and lanterns.
(II) Commercially made labeled barbeque devices.
(III) Stove or fireplace fires completely contained within a home or residence.
(IV) Propane or pressurized white gas warming devices with a shield and base.
(V) An enclosed solid fuel fire that utilizes a wick to distribute the flame.
(VI) Commercial operators can obtain a permit from the county fire marshal or permission from the appropriate fire protection agency for non-labeled devices.

Final Stretch in Nason Ridge Fund Raise

Fourteen months ago we were hoping we could convince Weyherhauser to negotiate with the community and not clear cut the ridge above the State Park.  Today, Western Rivers Conservancy has purchased the entire WeyCo Nason Ridge property and >950k has been pledged by almost 400 contributors towards the 1M community portion of the purchase price.  Community funds are being matched 4:1.

If you have wanted to contribute, there is still time, just go to

There was an excellent article this weekend in the Seattle Times about Nason Ridge


CANCELLED- Chelan County Commissioner Kevin Overbay regular monthly public meeting in Plain.


911 Memorial observance in Cashmere

The LWFR Aux. has rescheduled its annual Yard Sale for Sept 8, Saturday only, 9-4.  It will be held at Fire Station 93 on Beaver Valley Road next to Beaver Valley School in Plain.

Come join us for this wonderful event and fundraiser!

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