Last summer, developers from Seattle filed an application with the City of Leavenworth to build an Adventure Park on a 10 acre parcel at the corner of Icicle Road and US 2.  The final stage in the approval process is a public hearing scheduled for April 30th at the Festhalle in Leavenworth.

The project includes an alpine coaster that will extend to the top of the mountain, bungee trampolines, and a climbing wall. Additional outdoor “adventures” and a restaurant are proposed for the second phase of the project.

Local residents are very concerned about increasing gridlock of traffic at the US 2/Icicle Road intersection, noise from patrons using the coaster and other attractions, night sky lighting, and parking.

Despite hundreds of written comments in opposition to this project, the City’s staff are recommending approval.  Friends of Leavenworth, a recently established local nonprofit, has been leading the opposition to this project. Friends of Leavenworth has hired an attorney to prepare for the public hearing on April 30th and is collecting funds to help with this expense.  Please go to the Friends website for more information about Adventure Park. And, please come to the hearing on April 30th to voice your concerns about this project.

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 Connie Nichols passed away on February 8th. Connie was the long-time teacher at the old Winton School in it’s original location,  was the volunteer founding  secretary and admin person for Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue during its formative and early years as Chelan County Fire District 9 and was also a former manager of Ponderosa.  Connie  was a delightful, high-energy member of our community and will be missed by many.

A memorial service for Connie will be held at 2:00 PM this Saturday, April 13th, at the Red Lion in on North Wenatchee Avenue in Wenatchee.

Sign Up for Spring Chipping this Week

Cascadia and DNR will once again host a Free Spring Chipping event.  Even if this is not on your radar at the moment, you should still take the simple step of registering.  Registration is now open through April 15.  Upon registration, you will be sent a packet of information with which you can determine if this program is for you.

  Attached is an info flyer you can sign up through the link on Cascadia’s website or directly here:

 County Commissioner Bob Bugert will continue his monthly meetings with constituents in Plain at 9AM Friday, April 12th, in the conference room of Beaver Valley Lodging which is the first building immediately south of Plain Grocery. Mr.Bugert plans to bring Director of Community Development Dave Kuhl with him and Commissioner Overbay may also be in attendance. These meetings have been informative, lively and well-attended so bring your questions/comments on county issues and join us!  Coffee and light refreshments will be served.

Senate Bill 5153 Proposes to raid the snowmobile account to the tune of $2,000,000.  This could effect non-motorized Snowparks as well.
There is a Senate Ways and Means hearing on the bill Monday Apr 1st afternoon at 3:30 P.M.
Contact your Senator and let them know it is unacceptable to raid the dedicated snowmobile account. Following are several reasons – feel free to add others:
-The raid on the snowmobile account funds will have an adverse effect on recreational safety and local economies that depend on snowmobiling during the winter months.
-This is a breach of the use of the dedicated funding – it is a user pay system.  Snowmobilers pay for the program – the State provides no general funds.
-There are no “extra” funds in the account.  The program currently has funding to meet only 80% of it’s needs.
-The program is not funded on an estimated revenue basis – It is pay as you go.  Snowmobile registration funds collected this year will pay for the snowmobile program next year.  Without these funds, trails will not be groomed, law enforcement will not occur, trail heads (sno-parks) will not be plowed.  Commitments for next years funds are already in place.
-The impact will be far wider than just snowmobilers, as there are many other users of the groomed trail system and Sno-Parks (trailheads).
-The transfer of funds from the snowmobile account to State Parks preventative maintenance will NOT help State Parks.  It will increase administrative costs to terminate contracts already in place that provide winter services – such as snow removal, grooming, law enforcement, sanitation.  Many of the contracts are shared services with the winter recreation program (non-motorized) and will adversely affect those users because of a lack of funding.  It is basically ‘robbing from Peter to pay Paul’.
– Raiding the snowmobile account sets a bad precedent.  Other dedicated accounts will be more vulnerable to these actions.

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Experience the natural beauty of Washington State Parks and get paid to do it! The Park Aide performs a variety of tasks at a State park, beach, or historical area. A typical work day may include anything from registering campers and collecting camp fees, to cleaning facilities, area beautification, or explaining park rules. The specific duties will have some variation by park location.  For more information see, Lake Wen State Park Summer  Jobs.

FAC efforts organize local residents to prepare for fire prevention (Firewise) and also include activities before, during and after wildfires. It’s preparing for a wildfire, what to do during a wildfire and recovering from a wildfire both personally and for our community.  The local FAC has reached out to share their input on the Forest Service Upper Wenatchee Forest Plan, see attached document.

Dear Community Partner:

As you may be aware the Upper Wenatchee Restoration Project is requesting public comments regarding this 75,000 acre forest restoration project. The Lake Wenatchee Fire Adapted Communities Committee is supportive of this project but believe to make this a long term success for our community certain key elements must be included . We have attached this bulletin outlining these key elements for our community.  In addition, here is the website to submit your online comments on this project, deadline March 27th.

 We are asking you to please share this information with other members of your community. This project will impact everyone in the Lake Wenatchee area, please take the time express your thoughts.

Thank you for your support,

Rex Lund
LWFAC Committee


Upper Wenatchee Forest Service Project

This map shows the study area in green, and the area of historic fires in orange.  The Wenatchee River Ranger District held a meeting Tuesday night about the proposed Upper Wenatchee Pilot Project. The goal of this project is to restore forest health and fire resiliency while also improving wildlife habitat, improving watershed function, and creating sustainable user access. The result will be a community and forest that is better prepared for future wildfires.

The methods proposed to achieve these goals include both commercial and non-commercial thinning and prescribed burns.

The project is still in the scoping phase and the USFS would like to hear comments, specifically regarding alternative ideas to reach the stated goals, information about the project area that you believe is critical to the proposed activities, and what specific concerns the public might have about the proposal. Comments can be submitted online at: Forest Service Comment

The USFS anticipates completing the scoping phase of this project in the next few weeks and having an Environmental Assessment draft ready for public input by Fall/ Winter 2019.

Thanks to Michelle Tiegel for attending and taking notes.

Map care of Wenatchee World, for Wen World subscribers a good article on the plan is here


The Wok About Grill in Leavenworth will host a benefit evening for the Cascade Medical Foundation on the evening of Tuesday, March 19th. A portion of the evenings proceeds will be donated to the Foundation in support of the services provided by Cascade Medical Center.

XC Skiing? What is still Groomed?

The team at the State Park have wrapped up a really successful XC season, but you don’t need to put the skis away.   Plain Valley XC skiing is still open with daily grooming.  They hope to keep the trails open thru at least the next two weekends.  See Ski Plain, for current conditions.  Stevens Pass Nordic area is also still open.

Thanks to Rick and the crew for all the late nights and early mornings they put in to maintain the State Park, Kahler Glen, See and Ski, the new Flying Squirrel Trail and the Nason Ridge trails.

The Forest Service is having an open house meeting at 6PM at the Rec Club on March 12 to discuss the 75,000 acre Upper Wenatchee Forest Treatment Pilot Project. This will be an opportunity to learn more about this effort to improve the health of the forest and reduce fire danger in our area. Information on the project can be found at

Time permitting, the public will have an opportunity to comment or you can send comments on the project to  until March 25. Please demonstrate by your presence the importance of this project to our community.