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PreviousFirst SnowfallTotal
2015-2016Nov 13th138
2014-2015Nov 11th56
2013-2014Nov 5th143
2012-2013Nov 5th183
2011=2012Nov 16th170
2010-2011Nov 9th154
2009-2010Oct 16th63
2008-2009Dec 12th132
2007-2008Nov. 27th243
2006-2007Nov 2nd139
2005-2006Oct 1st39
2004-2005Nov 1st42
2003-2004Nov 17th118
2002-2003Dec 4th109
2001-2002Nov 25th172
2000-2001Nov 28th148
1999-2000Oct 30th140
1998-1999Nov 26th209

George’s Snow Report

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

On the South Shore of Lake Wenatchee we’ve received no new snow accumulation of significance  since March 22nd.  At 7:00 AM today is 35 and raining        

Forecast currently shows likely rain likely through Thursday.  See the current  Lake Wenatchee Forecast

The snow report for this year is pretty much wrapped up. If we get any significant snowfall it will be reported here.

Snow Fall
Last 24 Hours0
Last 48 Hours0
Year to Date156.5″