Our GROOMING REPORT is updated every morning as the groomers return from their nights work and report in.

There have been questions about grooming 2B to Trinity and why we have been grooming only as far as Little Giant. The area between L.G. and Trinity has some hazardous avalanche areas and when the danger is moderate to high, (according to the NWAC; Northwest Avalanche Center), we  do not groom further on that trail. This is both for the safety of our groomers and for the safety of the riders.

Snowmobiling near Leavenworth, Washington is known as a premier riding location in the country. With approximately 300 inches of snowfall every year and over 200 miles of trails for an experience you won’t forget, you’ll be challenged no matter what level of rider you are. From 2,000 feet to over 6,000 , there are unexplored mountains and powder deep enough to bury your sled. For family enjoyment our 200 miles of trails are groomed and tame. Whether you are an expert rider or a novice, you’ll have a wonderful time exploring the Lake Wenatchee, Fish Lake and Plain area..