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PUD Meeting Notes

Good evening-

I attended the PUD commissioners meeting today on the proposed fee increases on new hookups to power and wastewater. The increases appear to be justified; the electrical ones driven by increased cost of transformers and on the wastewater side by a need to have the fee’s reflect the true cost to the PUD which they have not done heretofore. The new fees will be effective May 1st of this year.

For those anticipating adding electrical service to what you have now or connecting to the wastewater system- you can avoid the increased fees by having a building permit in hand and application already filed with the PUD for the new service by April 27th.

There will be meetings coming up on the PUD fiber out program and on the effort to have PUD seek back-up means of providing power to the Plain/Lake Wenatchee area to avert the repeated outages we had earlier this winter. I will pass on those dates when they are known.

Ref the PUD fiber program, there have been a couple of editorials lately in the Wenatchee World. One was by Nick Stemm, the unsuccesful PUD candidate last fall, and the other by current PUD commissioner Ann Congdon. I will attach them both and encourage you to read them.


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