Fire District 9

A fire hazard to check for……


Fire District 9 wants to remind folks of a fire hazard many people unwittingly have in their homes. Many of us store 9 volt batteries in our homes for smoke detectors or other devices or collect them in various places to save them for recycling.  Incorrect storage of either new or used 9 volt batteries can cause a fire. If the batteries are thrown together in a baggie, bowl, [Read More…]

Busy start to fire season

LWFR high res logo resizedTo date this year National Forest firefighters have responded to 64 human-caused fires in the North Central region of the state. This busy start is reflected in the Lake Wenatchee area with Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue responding to date this season to 9 brush fires, several of those significant in size which spread rapidly and involved a multi-agency response of several days duration. In addition three homes and one commercial structure have been destroyed by fire.

The early-season hopes of a less active fire season have dissipated with the accelerated early run-off that came with the unseasonably warm temperature we had this Spring. Though the current outdoor burning status does permit campfires and cooking fires in approved-type fire pits, it’s not a smart thing to do if the wind is blowing 30 MPH. Use your heads, folks. These fires have come too early and spread too fast .  Facebook Comments

Chiwaukum Creek Fire Update Noon Wednesday July 23rd

coles cornerThere has been no significant spread due to more favorable weather and small amounts of precipitation on all fires. Fire personnel used some of the time to catch up and maintain equipment in anticipation of greater fire activity with drier and hotter weather expected this weekend.  National Guard completed their fire training and they are ready to assist with fire suppression efforts [Read More…]

Chiwaukum Creek Fire Update Thursday 1:00pm

14  BURN BAN IN EFFECT  FIRE DANGER VERY HIGH jpegThere was no significant spread due to the amount of precipitation on all of the fires. The fires received between .25” to .5” of rain, depending on where the storm cells moved through. There was a flash flood warning in effect yesterday.

Firefighters could not access the more remote sections of the north flank of fire due to heavy rain, extremely muddy and slick roads. Fire [Read More…]

Chiwaukum Creek Fire: Monday July 21st

IMG_3487The southern perimeter of the Chiwaukum fire is located approximately 6 miles northwest of Leavenworth, and is north of Icicle Ridge.  On the northern perimeter, the fire has burned into Thompson Creek.  Dozers and hand crews constructed line on the northeast flank of the fire, north of Thompson Creek.  Structure protection continued along the highway.

The southern perimeter [Read More…]

Chiwaukum Creek Fire; Highway 2 is now closed

coles cornerUS 2 is closed EASTBOUND from Stevens Pass summit. Westbound to Seattle is still open from Coles Corner.

The fire has jumped the highway.

Chumstick is closed to non residents due to extensive evacuations in the Plain area and the need for emergency vehicle access/

Chiwaukum Fire


IMG_3617aWhile some of us slept last night the fire continued to rage on. Mike Stanford was there and provided these photos as giving us a view from our Fire Fighters perspective.

Thank you Dominic and Michael.














Chiwaukum Fire Back Burn

flameSmoke all around Lake Wenatchee and Fish Lake due to Back Burning at the Chiwaukum Fire. The Burn out going well. Firefighters are being cautious & taking it slow using helicopters to pre-treat outside the line with water drops.

Chiwaukum Fire Update 7-16

LWFR high res logo resized10:00 PM Update

Plain Ranches was just raised to Level 2 Evacuation Notice.

9:30 PM update
Wenatchee World is updating fire status regularly see Wenatchee World Fire Coverage  

In case you are having trouble figuring out where this fire is, the key is to remember that R2 runs mostly South from Coles Corner to Leavenworth down the Tumwater.  The fire started to the west [Read More…]

Chiwaukum Fire Update Thursday July 17th 11:00am

IMG_3487Levels at this time are the same as last night, no changes. If there are changes it will probably be on Chumstick Hwy. but will depend on the fire activity. Contrary to rumors, the fire HAS NOT jumped Highway 2…it has created some spot fires but the firefighters have gotten them out. The weather today is fire weather…it isn’t good for the firefighters. It is unknown what the [Read More…]

Community Fire Briefings Scheduled

WP_20140630_17_08_23_ProTwo community fire briefings are planned for the Chiwaukum Creek Fire.

The first meeting is scheduled for Friday night at 6:30 in Plain, Washington at the Plain Community Church.

The second community briefing is also at 6:30.  It will be Saturday night, July 19th at Cascade High School in Leavenworth, Washington.

Fire officials will share information about operations on [Read More…]

Duncan Fire and Update Tuesday Noon

The Duncan Fire is quiet so far today. This photo is from Fish Lake looking East is from yesterday afternoon. In addition to the Duncan fire, there is little known fire just west of Lake Wenatchee on Mt Mastiff which is also active. This fire is now being named  Shooefly. The Shoofly Fire is burning in steep, difficult terrain with heavy fuels approximately 10 miles up the Little [Read More…]

Employment opportunity- office/clerical

 Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue is seeking an organized person for the position of Administrative Coordinator. Position requires data entry, strong computer skills, (Excel & Word), and ability to multi-task. Previous office and payroll experience required, along with an attention to detail and great attendance. Pay, hours, benefits and additional job related duties along with required experience, and qualifications are listed on our web site. Applicants must go to for details on providing us with a letter of interest and current resume.

Evacuation and Road Closure Status Monday 8:00am


Tumwater Canyon By Michael Stanford

ROAD CLOSURES US 2 is closed from Coles Corner milepost 84.75 to Leavenworth at milepost 99 due to fire activity.

(NEW) SR207 is open to Lake Wenatchee area and in now the Detour to Down Town Leavenworth

(NEW) Chumstick Highway is OPEN

(NEW) Beaver Valley Rd. is OPEN

Chiwaukum Creek and Coulter Creek   Roads are closed


LEVEL 3 Chiwaukum Creek and [Read More…]



ROAD CLOSURES US 2 is closed from Coles Corner milepost 84.75 to Leavenworth at milepost 99 due to fire activity.

(NEW) SR207 is open to Lake Wenatchee area and in now the Detour to Down Town Leavenworth

(NEW) Chumstick Highway is OPEN

(NEW) Beaver Valley Rd. is OPEN

Chiwaukum Creek and Coulter Creek   Roads are closed


Final Fire Update

IMG_3991The fires have been winding down. This will be the last scheduled update. Beginning Monday August 24, call the Wenatchee River Ranger District at 509-548-2550, the Entiat Ranger District at 509-784-4700, or the Okanagan-Wenatchee National Forest headquarters at 509-664-9200 for more information.

For updated trail closure maps, please visit out inciweb at:

Today’s [Read More…]

15  bbextr jpegWe were just notified by the Fire Dept that our Fire Danger Level in “ZONE 680” will be raised to “Extreme” Saturday Night. Knowing this today gives those who work in the woods and home owners time to organize their activities and prepare for the tighter restrictions.  Zone 675 is already level 3.  The Wenatchee River RD has already changed our fire danger signs to EXTREME in [Read More…]


Auxiliary presentationChelan County Fire District 9 at Lake Wenatchee held its annual recognition banquet on February 20th at Featherwinds Lodge on River Road. A highlight of the evening was the presentation of a check by CCFD9 Auxiliary president Jimi Wilson to Mike Stanford, Vice Present of the Firefighters Association, in the amount of  $18,200.  The Auxiliary had also this year purchased and donated [Read More…]

CaptureLake Wenatchee Info Facebook Page

Little Wenatchee Drainage,  By Michael Stanford

The situation continues to de-escalate and feels a little calmer. The cooler weather and rain these past few days have been wonderful. If they can maintain the fire line along Highway 2 and alleviate the risk of spotting, the level of risk to all of Beaver Valley will be substantially lessened.

Chelan County Emergency Management just announced that :

“Beginning Sunday evening [Read More…]

LWFR high res logo resizedThis mornings fire update is available here.


Fire Update Monday 1:00pm

coles cornerAircraft continue to fly reconnaissance on all fires. As fire activity picked up, air operations increased the number of water drops. Smoke in the area has increased. The size of Chiwaukum fire decreased to 10,987 acres due to more accurate mapping.

Highway 2 from Coles Corner to Mile Post 99 (just west of Leavenworth, WA) remains closed due to increasing fire activity and to [Read More…]

Fire Update Tuesday 4:00pm

prescribedburnIts been a quiet day. A little rain, no wind and cool temperatures. The fire has remained stable and work continues performing back burns and building fire lines. Tomorrow’s weather is forecasted to contain more rain and unfortunately some lightning too.

While there has been significant resources utilized on the fire, there is zero containment. The forecasted weather reprieve [Read More…]

Fire, Road & Evacuation Update for Friday

mashupUPDATED 2:00pm Restricted travel will continue on Highway 2, however; without pilot cars.  Between the Tumwater Campground and Winton area, it will remain a 35 mph speed limit with no passing and no stopping. Passing lanes will be closed and marked by cones.   Radar sensing signs will monitor speed and Law Enforcement will be in place to enhance the safe travel for visitors, residents, [Read More…]

Firefighters visit Beaver Valley School

In observance of nationwide Fire Prevention Week activities, firefighters from Fire Districts 9 and 4 from Lake Wenatchee and Ponderosa visited Beaver Valley School at Plain on Thursday, October 10th. The kids were told the importance of knowing their home addresses, when and how to call 911, what to do in the event of a fire in their homes and also the importance of having smoke [Read More…]

Forest Fire Near Fish Lake

WP_20140630_17_08_23_Pro(Update)..The fire is now out. The Forest Service is look for two young men in their 20’s driving a black small SUV who had been camping in the area until Friday.

This afternoon a forest fire erupted apparently from a camp fire left smoldering on Friday. There are around 20 Forest Service and Chelan County Fire trucks and crews working to extinguish the approximately 1 acre [Read More…]

14  BURN BAN IN EFFECT  FIRE DANGER VERY HIGH jpegResolution No. 2014-73


1. Building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire, briquette fire or stove fire; except pressurized liquid gas stoves (36 DFR 261.52(a)) is hereby prohibited.
2.  This ban is in immediate effect in all unincorporated areas of Chelan County. EXCEPTION:  This ban does not include barbeques [Read More…]

Highway 2 is now OPEN. 4:00pm Update

Spring in the Tumwater, by Michael Stanford

Highway 2 re-opened today at 9:00. There are Washington DOT pilot cars from the Alps store to Winton (approximately 8 miles). Fire operational personnel and traveling public will be piloted in both directions at 35 miles per hour. There will be traffic control points staffed at the turn around points to hold additional traffic. All piloted road turn outs will be marked with “No [Read More…]

Holiday Safety………….

LWFR high res logoHere are a few tips from your fire department for a safe Christmas season..

It’s fun to decorate for the winter holidays, but holiday decorations can increase your risk of a home fire. As you deck the halls this season, be fire smart. When you’re decorating with live trees, make sure you keep the tree watered. If a dry tree comes in contact with a flame, it can catch on fire in fewer than 10 seconds and spread quickly throughout your home. Take a minute to watch this video which shows the difference between a dry and watered tree,

Here are a few tips to keep your holiday decorations bright and safe:

  • Choose the freshest tree you can find. Check to see if the needles stay when you gently pull on a branch.
  • After making a fresh cut on the trunk and placing the tree in a stand, fill the stand’s water basin. Make sure you water your tree every day. Keep electrical cords and lights away from the water.
  • Choose holiday decorations that are flame resistant or flame retardant.
  • Choose holiday lights with a label from an approved testing laboratory, such as UL, and throw away any frayed or damaged light strands.
  • Place your tree at least three feet from heat registers, space heaters, and fireplaces.
  • If you decorate with candles, make sure they are at least three feet away from anything that can burn.
  • Consider using battery-operated flameless candles, which can look, smell and feel like real candles.

Learn more about holiday fire safety on the USFA website. Follow USFA on Twitter at @usfire and on Facebook at    COMMENTS





July 4th Fireworks Prohibited in Unincorporated Chelan County

FIREWORKS PROHIBITED BANNER.jpg IIOn June 27, 2016, the Chelan County Board of Commissioners declared all unincorporated areas of Chelan County to be a high risk fire area. One provision of this action is that the discharge of ALL fireworks around the 4th of July  is now prohibited, effective immediately. The use and display of Fireworks during New Years continues to be permitted.  Read the full text here.  Comments

Last Night’s Fire Photos from Michael Stanford


Mill Canyon Creek Fire Update

flameHere is the Mill Creek Update 7-16 am

New Fire on Mt. Mastiff West of Lake Wenatchee

Mt Mastiff FireWe just had a thunder storm move through our area. One of the results appears to be a new fire on Mt. Mastiff located at the west end of Lake Wenatchee. Paul Curhan was kind enough to snap this photograph half an hour ago.

Re-opening of US2 delayed….

Little Wenatchee Drainage,  By Michael Stanford

Chelan County has advised that the previously-announced re-opening of Highway 2 between Coles Corner and Leavenworth Sunday evening will not happen. The closure has been extended due to burn-outs now scheduled in the Tumwater Canyon area for Sunday and Monday.

Reminder Chipping Meeting this Saturday

chippingAn information meeting will be held on April 5th at 10am at Mountain Springs Lodge to learn about local firewise efforts and the June chipping Project. Get details and sign up to participate in the DNR grant funded 50/50 (your labor counts) cost share chipping project scheduled for June, 2014.
For more information Contact Deb Newell 509 670-3286

This really [Read More…]


Level 3 means danger is currently affecting your area or is imminent, and you should leave immediately.

Chelan County Guide to Evacuation Levels


14  BURN BAN IN EFFECT  FIRE DANGER VERY HIGH jpegROAD CLOSURES US 2 is closed from Coles Corner milepost 84.75 to Leavenworth at milepost 99 due to fire activity.

(NEW) SR207 is open to Lake Wenatchee area and in now the Detour to Down Town Leavenworth

(NEW) Chumstick Highway is OPEN

(NEW) Beaver Valley Rd. is OPEN

Chiwaukum Creek and Coulter Creek   Roads are closed


LEVEL 3 Chiwaukum Creek and Coulter [Read More…]

Saturday Noon Fire Update

photo (1)A new fire started yesterday in our area just West of Lake Wenatchee. The increased smoke we are receiving appears to be from this fire on Mt. Mastiff. The photos of smoke & fire are  courtesy of Murray Bartholomew taken just north east of the location. The smoke is so dense that it’s begun darkening our area. Our Webcams tell the story.IMG_3002

A combination of Local Fire District, [Read More…]

Updated Fly Though of the NCW Wild Fires by Kenji Kato

CaptureA week ago we posted a wildly popular “Fly Through” of the Chiwaukum Complex Fire created by Kenji Kato.

Kenji has just finished an update which includes most all the fires in NCW.

So much has changed in the last few weeks and this 3 minute video will bring you up to date.  A link to today’s “Fly Through” is now available HERE.