Closed to Fishing means CLOSED TO FISHING.

A local poacher who was arrested for snagging and paid the price by losing all his fishing gear and spent time in jail for the unethical fishing.

WDFW would like to remind anglers that the Wenatchee River from the Icicle Road Bridge in Leavenworth to Lake Wenatchee is closed to fishing. On Wednesday night, WDFW Police officers cited two, poachers, not anglers, for fishing closed waters and attempting to snag salmon in Plain. The gear in their possession was common snagging gear. Penalties for fishing closed waters, snagging, and possessing protected species of fish ranges from several hundred dollars in fines, the forfeiture of the fishing gear, and possible jail time. Please help protect future fishing generations. To report poaching activity to include fishing closed waters please call the Washington State Patrol Wenatchee office at 509-860-8090 and follow the prompts to contact a Fish and Wildlife Police Officer.

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Nason Ridge Update

This has been a very busy week for the team working on saving Nason Ridge.  If you haven’t had a chance to sign on the online petition please take a moment and add your name to the 1750 or so community members, visitors and concerned citizens that have signed on so far.  Petition Link

Weyerhaeuser has agreed to suspend road building and hold off on logging while negotiations continue.  The photo above is of a new access road that runs from the top of the ridge to just above the Nason Ridge Trail.  One more day and the middle segment of Nason Ridge Trail would look like this.  The voices of the community were key in getting this suspension.

In addition to suspending the road building and logging, Weyerhaeuser has reopened the Nason Ridge Trail.

The next steps will be a formal negotiation between Weyerhaeuser and a Land Trust to determine a price for the land and timber.  This process will take a number of months to complete, we will update you as more details become available.  In the mean time we have received excellent press coverage from the Wenatachee World and a reprint in the Seattle times.

Wenatchee World Article

Seattle Times Article


Lake Wenatchee Food Web Dynamics Monitoring

By Jennifer Hadersberger, Chelan County Natural Resources
For several years, Chelan County Natural Resources Department has worked with the community and fisheries management agencies to develop a plan to evaluate the food web dynamics in Lake Wenatchee. We are excited to announce that we have secured partial funds to start this monitoring effort. This summer, fisheries biologists will begin data collection in Lake Wenatchee, the Little Wenatchee, and the White River to monitor juvenile spring Chinook salmon. The results will help scientists understand the distribution, feeding behavior, growth, and risk of predation as these fish migrate through the Lake. This research will also estimate which fish eat juvenile spring Chinook salmon. This data will also provide an initial estimate for predation losses imposed on juvenile salmon by different predators. Future studies, if funded, will calculate the survival rate of spring Chinook as they migrate through the lake. Data will be collected by Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Geological Survey, and US Forest Service Research Station. There will be a community meeting later this year to discuss the preliminary results of the data collected this summer. For more information about this project, see the web page  or contact Jennifer Hadersberger at or (509) 667-6682.  LWI Facebook Comments

Marijuana decision delayed; one day left to submit comments

 On August 7th the Chelan County Commissioners delayed a final vote on rules which will govern marijuana production in Chelan County. A large crowd overwhelmingly favoring the growers was present and the comments reported as being angry and very hostile toward commissioners and supporters of the proposed rules.  Commissioners voted to extend the period for comments to be submitted by the public through Thursday, August 10th, and the issue continued to the commissioners meeting at 10:15 AM on August 22nd. Please submit your comments on this issue to all three Commissioners by today (Thursday, Aug 10th).   Facebook


THE yard sale is coming…………………

 The big social event of the year at Lake Wenatchee, the annual Labor Day yard sale and bake sale of the Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue Auxiliary, is coming to the fire station in Plain September 2nd and 3rd, opening at 9AM each day. Sales are by donation on Saturday and $1 a bag on Sunday. There will be no early sales but a guaranteed fun time.  Items donated to be sold can be dropped off at the station on Friday, September 1st. Facebook Comments




Rob Shurtleff

 Editorial page editor Kelli Scott of the Wenatchee World published a piece over the weekend on the proposed logging of Nason Ridge by Weyerhaeuser. The World has agreed to waive subscription requirement to access this article. It can be read in it’s entirety at: The Wenatchee World


Meet your County Commissioner this Friday, August 11th

There are lots of issues facing our area right now- Shoreline Management, logging on Nason Ridge, tax valuations, marijuana rules, etc. Talk over these issues and others that are important to you with County Commissioner Kevin Overbay when he hosts his monthly “Coffee with Kevin” sit-down with constituents in Plain this Friday. These monthly sessions have been well attended and very worthwhile to those participating. Bring your coffee and join us at 9AM this Friday, August 11th, in the conference room at Beaver Valley Lodging in Plain; this is the first building South of Plain Grocery.

Chip sealing on area roads begins today

 County road maintenance crews will begin chip sealing some area roads on Monday, Aug. 7th, working 7:30 AM to 4PM, Monday through Thursday. Area roads to be treated are Camp 12 Road, Plain Ranches Road, Hazel Street, Hazel Lane, Wye Connector Road, Lake Wenatchee Highway, Maple Drive and White River Road.
During chip sealing, motorists should expect to see one-lane, flagger-controlled traffic with up to 20-minute delays and are advised to find alternate routes when crews are in their area.

Employment opportunity- office/clerical

 Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue is seeking an organized person for the position of Administrative Coordinator. Position requires data entry, strong computer skills, (Excel & Word), and ability to multi-task. Previous office and payroll experience required, along with an attention to detail and great attendance. Pay, hours, benefits and additional job related duties along with required experience, and qualifications are listed on our web site. Applicants must go to for details on providing us with a letter of interest and current resume.

Fire Level Very High: Logging operations restricted

 Effective 8-6-2017 the IFPL (Industrial Fire Protection Level) has been raised to Level 2 in our area which requires shutdown of logging operations at 1PM and a fire watch maintained for 1 hour after shutdown.

Outdoor Burning Restricted immediately

Effective immediately: In conjunction with the USFS, Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue is restricting ALL outdoor burning within the District boundaries. This will include recreational fires and campfires as well as charcoal briquettes. We expect Chelan County to enact a complete ban as well next week but given current conditions with no relief in sight we are taking this action to save lives and property. Propane fire rings and barbeques using propane are permitted during this period. When the risks from current conditions permit we will lift these restrictions. Thank you for your vigilance and compliance.

Mick Lamar, Fire Chief, Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue

Expanded Campfire Restrictions and Woodcutting Suspension

Due to worsening fire conditions and continued hot and dry weather, expanded campfire restrictions will go into effect on August 4.

Under the expanded campfire restrictions, maintaining, attending, or using a fire or campfire, and use of charcoal briquette barbecues, Tiki torches, and other devices that use solid fuel is prohibited across most of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Campfires will continue to be allowed on the Naches Ranger District but only in designated hosted campgrounds, and in the Goat Rocks, Norse Peak and William O. Douglas Wilderness areas due to the difference in geography and weather patterns in these wilderness areas.

“Fire danger continues to increase, and with the very hot and dry conditions expected to persist, we are following our restriction plan and implementing campfire closures,” said Deputy Fire Staff Officer for Operations Matt Castle.

Salmon Fishing Season

Rumors are flying around about the season opening tomorrow, Friday. These are false. River temperatures have suddenly risen and are now above 70 degrees which has inhibited the salmon from continuing their travels over the dam. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date on salmon season and any early morning opening hours at Midway Grocery for buying licenses.

Please Help Us Find One More Petition Signer

Good news: we are just shy of 700 signers.

Bad news: WeyCo has started building access roads.

Progress: Meetings are getting scheduled with WeyCo to discuss, more signers give us more weight in these meeting

Call to action, Find one more signer, share on Facebook, email a friend that has visited the Lake Wenatchee

Link to Petition

Thanks, Lake Wenatchee Community Team to Save Nason Ridge

Petition on Weyerhaeuser Logging, PLEASE sign and Share

Weyerhaeuser has received approval for logging Nason Ridge above Lake Wenatchee.  A number of local citizens are working to both appeal this approval and to negotiate the purchase of a conservation easement from Weyerhaeuser to insure the safety of Kahler Glen, Stellarwood and Cedar Brae communities, to preserve views from Lake Wenatchee State park and to preserve the Nason Ridge Trail.  Public pressure and interest is the best way to facilitate a Win Win solution.

Please sign the this online petition:  Petition Link  When signing, you can optionally add a reason:

1:  Increase safety for down hill residents
2:  Protect Nason Ridge Trail
3:  Retain unspoiled views from Lake Wenatchee State Park
4:  All of the above
5:  Your own reasons

Please Share this link on your social media accounts so others who have visited our beautiful area can sign on:

You can also go to the Lake Wenatchee Info Facebook page and like and share the post.

Forest Health meeting tonight in Wenatchee

 State Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz will join community leaders and scientists at a forest health summit in Wenatchee on Monday. The public is invited to attend the panel discussion, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center, 127 S. Mission St.

The summit will begin with a short video by The Wildfire Project, the same group that produced the “Era of Megafires” that toured the state over the past year. Wenatchee World Publisher Rufus Woods will moderate the panel discussion, which will follow. They will discuss bills that passed the state Legislature, and what’s next for forest health. It’s anticipated that the proposed logging on Nason Ridge will come up in the conversation.

In addition to Franz, the panel will include state Sen. Brad Hawkins, R-Wenatchee, U.S. Forest Service research scientist Paul Hessburg, Chelan County Commissioner Kevin Overbay (also a member of the North Central Washington Forest Health Collaborative), The Nature Conservancy legislative affairs director Tom Bugert, Washington Forest Protection Association government relations director Jason Calhoun, and Washington State Fire Adapted Communities Network policy director Annie Schmidt.

Washington Dept. of Natural Resources – Weyerhaeuser

With respect to the heated debate about Weyerhaeuser logging their property above Lake Wenatchee, we are publishing the complete letter received yesterday from the State laying out their position and recommendations. This will of course also be a topic for discussion at the meeting 10am Saturday meeting held at the Rec Club.

DNR Letter.

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Washington Dept. of Natural Resources – Weyerhaeuser

With respect to the heated debate about Weyerhaeuser logging their property above Lake Wenatchee, we are publishing the  complete letter received yesterday from the State laying out their position and recommendations. This will of course also be a topic for discussion at the meeting 10am Saturday meeting held at the Rec Club.

DNR Letter.

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Save The Date- Moonlight Music and Firewise Fest, August 19th

 The annual Moonlight Music & Firewise Fest tradition will continue this year but with a move to Watsons Woods across the road from The Old Mill Restaurant in Plain. The event begins at  6:30 PM, ends at 9:30 PM and is hosted by the Firefighters Association and Auxiliary of  Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue-  the “boot” will be passed for donations.  Entertainment will be by blues rocker Velvet Elvis and top 50 country recording artist Dylan Jakobsen. This is a family-friendly event. Bring your own chairs and take the opportunity too to learn something from the FireWise and Fire Adaptive Community folks that will be present. A pre-event gathering is offered at Plain Cellars at 4:30 PM with great wine available, a taco truck and parking.


 There will be a Lake Wenatchee Community Meeting on July 29, 10 AM, at the Lake Wenatchee Rec Club to discuss current and future forest health and forest management projects in the Lake Wenatchee area.  Projects to be discussed include the Weyerhaeuser proposal on the south shore as well as future projects on US Forest Service property.  The WA Department of Natural Resources will discuss the current Weyerhaeuser proposal and the Forest Practices permit rules and process.  The US Forest Service will discuss the upcoming Lake Wenatchee Pilot Project in Lake Wenatchee, Big Meadow, Beaver and lower Chiwawa areas.  There will also be staff from Cascadia Conservation District and others available to discuss upcoming fire adapted communities work and TREX training.  Please join us for this discussion.  For questions, call Mike Kaputa, Director, Chelan County Natural Resource Department,  at (509) 670-6935.

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