Thank you for partnering with Our site focuses specifically on the Lake Wenatchee and Plain areas and is viewed by many vistors, locals and part timers in Lake Wenatchee Communities every week. Knowing that 67% of your potential customers locate and research businesses online before buying makes online advertising an exciting opportunity. The fees we charge are minimal and cover the actual cost of setting up and maintaining your advertising. Any funds in excess of this are used to support the site and the local charities you see in the “We Sponsor” section.

Getting setup and online quickly is simply an email away. Our rate structure  provides many different levels of advertising services to you.


Basic Listing: Provides a short description of your business and contact information. The set up fee is $15 and the annual listing fee is $20 per category.

Premier Listing: Provides all of the above plus a color photo and advertisement that rotates randomly as one of our highlighted businesses with  in the business directory. The set up fee is $20 and our annual listing fee of $35 per category.  Additional category listings are $25 per year.  Photo galleries can be added on at $20 per.

Sponsorship Listing: Premier Listers have an opportunity to be included in our front page side bar which randomly rotates and displays their company advertisement. The set up fee is $50 with an additional $0.01 fee per displayed. The sponsorship level requires a minimum of $8 per month and 3 month minimum run.


Basic Listing: A description and single photograph.  Displayed in randomly in the All Lodging List, in the category list (by manager or by owner) and each lodging unit is provided a dedicated page on the site.  Listing fee is $35 per year with a setup fee of $15 per, discount of $-10 for three or more listings.  A photo gallery can be added for $20 per year.

To sign up for our online advertising services, please email us at and we will be happy to get you started.