Lights on Lake Wenatchee at night

 Several folks have inquired about bright white and red lights they’ve seen on Lake Wenatchee during night and early morning hours. They are research vessels collecting data as part of a study of the fish population of Lake Wenatchee. This program is being guided by the Chelan County Department of Natural Resources and other fish management agencies.

Assessor Community Meeting Thur 4-19

If you have questions about your property tax assessment, the Chelan County Assesor will be hosting a meeting on Thursday April 19th at the Fire Station, 21696 Lake Wenatchee Highway 7pm.

Welcome to a new restaurant…………..

 After a complete renovation The Wildflour Leavenworth restaurant at Kahler Glen will open for business at 4PM this Tuesday, April 17th. Regular hours will be 11AM to 9PM Tuesday through Saturday. Chef Ben and partners Casey and Spencer have been working hard to make this happen and are looking forward to being part of this community. We had a private party introductory dinner there this weekend and it was delightful in every way- great food, great service, great company. The well-rounded menu will feature various pasta dishes with all the pasta being made in-house. A full bar service is offered with some local wines included. Check out their entire menu on Facebook by going to Facebook and enter Wildflour Leavenworth in the search window. Reservations or inquiries can be made at 509-888-2737. Welcome to Lake Wenatchee Wildflour! We wish you well……

Lost Tool Box…

Update April 13 6:30am:

I don’t want to waste you guys’ time too much but I just wanted to thank you again and let you know that your efforts paid off for me.

Perhaps you wouldn’t mind posting a public thank you to Kay and Doug; two (unrelated) ponderosa residents who made my week and put a skip in my step today. Kay is away from the ponderosa at the moment but still checks the site and the site for the ponderosa neighborhood. She saw the post you guys kindly put up for me and the post Doug put up on the site after he found my toolbox. She put 2+2 together, gave me a call and put me in touch with Doug.

You just have to love this area and the people in it. A “shout out’ also to Hannah who reminded me that people around here are generally good and that social media can be a great tool and that led me to contact Otherwise I would have just gone about my grumpy ways, moaning about my loss, and possibly would never have got my tools back.

Thanks to all and remember to ‘pay it forward’ when the opportunity presents itself ‘cos you never know when it’s going to come ’round to you and it feels so good when it does!


If you happen to find a toolbox along the Chumstick… here is a chance to increase your Karma Count.

I’m an idiot… I drove off from my work site in Chiwawa River Pines with my tailgate open. Headed through Plain, down the Chumstick to Marson & Marson.

I retraced my route back up the Chumstick to the job site looking out for the box and/or any debris if it had popped open when it fell out of the truck bed. Saw nothing, if any good Samaritan picked it up and wouldn’t mind returning it.

John 206.379.6014

 In December 2017 the Chelan County Commissioners approved a revision of the Shoreline Master Plan for Chelan County waterbodies-  concluding the County process that has been ongoing since 2007. The plan has now been submitted to the Washington State Department of Ecology who will review it to assure it is compliant with current state and federal law. The revised SMP and supporting documents are available for review at

The Dept of Ecology is accepting public comment on the proposed SMP until 5PM on May 16, 2018, by going to the same link above. Questions may be directed by mail to Leonard Jordan of the Dept of Ecology at 1250 W. Alder Street, Union Gap, WA 98903; by telephone to 509-454-3619 or by email at

The local second-Friday of each month meetings with County Commissioners will continue this Friday, April 13th, when Commissioner Keith Goehner will meet with constituents in a public meeting in Plain. The meeting begins at 9AM in the conference room at Beaver Valley Lodging; this is the first building immediately South of Plain Grocery. If you have specific issues you want to ask questions about or hear about bring those questions and join us. These give-and-take informal sessions have been very well attended and very productive for those attending. Coffee and goodies will be provided.

The April 2018 meeting of the Commissioners of Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue has been rescheduled to 10 AM Thursday, April 19th,  at the fire district headquarters at 21696 Lake Wenatchee Highway.