Considering dock construction or piling work?

A South Shore owner is willing to coordinate an effort to explore bringing a pile driver to the lake for dock construction.  Cooperation here is a good thing-  the pile driver we’ve used in the past (pictured) is a big rig that several years ago cost about $10,000 just to get it here. The 14 or so parties that had work done shared that cost and then paid for their own individual work. Undoubtedly you can find a less expensive pile driver rig but what they can put down in pilings is probably also commensurate with their price; our pilings are 10” and 12” steel.  The rig we had is also amphibious-  like an Army duck it can get into shallow water and onto beach areas to place pilings which in a lot of cases is essential to having a usable dock.

Don’t have any illusions about having a dock put in or piling work done being a quickly-completed process. The permitting process can be intimidating  but there are companies that can help navigate the process. All areas on the lake are not created equal-  in some areas where bedrock is very near the surface, pilings are not an option. If you’re interested in having work done or want to discuss some of my experiences with docks on this lake  over forty years email me at and I’ll put you in touch with the fellow who will be coordinating the project or call you.

I’ve also been told that Chelan Dock Company will be on the lake June 6th repairing pilings/dock damage.  COMMENTS

Help save the sign

 A group of local volunteers coordinated by  Mike McComas of Leavenworth Electric has come together to save the Lake Wenatchee/Fish Lake Recreation Area sign at Coles Corner. It was built and erected back in the 1950’s by Dick Woodcock, a Forest Service employee who has now passed on. It’s been deteriorating and the supporting posts have now rotted completely through. The sign has been taken down to restore and re-erect it with adequate support. The effort needs some financial support. You can help save this iconic landmark by going to and donating a few bucks.

This sign is personal for me. Labor Day weekend of 1977, then living in Bellevue,  we took the kids for a day drive over Snoqualmie, Blewett and Stevens Passes. We saw “the sign” at Coles Corner and diverted to see the place and get the kids out of the car for a while. Getting to the State Park gate, for some reason I cannot yet explain, I took a left and drove down Cedar Brae Road a ways. We saw a “For sale by owner”  sign on a lot along the lake and stopped,  walked down to the lake, and saw the lake on a perfect 80 degree day with no wind or a ripple on the lake. We drove back to Coles Corner, got on the pay phone at the little gas station there then, called the lot owner and made the deal to buy it. We’re still here and still loving this place. Let’s save this sign!

Another stray dock looking for home

Here’s another dock/raft that came downlake with the ice breakup. It was apparently dragging an anchor and now seems to be settling in in front of 16399 North Shore Drive about 100 yards from shore. It reportedly had some white PVC tubes or something along the side that are no longer there.

Meet with your County Assessor

 Chelan County Assessor Deanna Walter and her staff would like to invite you into our “assessment” world with a series of community meetings throughout the county in April and May.  The meetings are a great opportunity to meet Deanna, hear how our assessment process works and to ask questions.  We will also be discussing the real estate market changes that we are seeing and how it will affect your 2017 Notice of Value which will be mailed out sometime in June.

Even if you have attended one of our community meetings in the past we encourage you to take an hour out of your evening to join us for a brief and informative presentation followed by a question and answer session.  We will have oversized maps of your area along with our sales data available to look at.

Where & When:  Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue, Lake Wenatchee Highway, Thursday, April 27, at 7PM or at Fire District 3 on Chumstick Highway in Leavenworth at 7PM on Wednesday, April 26th.



Fire Dept Yard Sale Donations

 Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue Auxiliary announces Yard Sale Drop-Off Saturdays!!! 

Over the next several months, May through August on the second Saturday of the month (May 13, June 10, July 8, and August 12), we will receive Yard Sale donations at our Beaver Valley Station next to the grade school (19015 Beaver Valley Road) from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Auxiliary members will be on hand to receive your donation for the sale to be held Labor Day weekend. 

As a reminder regulations do not allow us to accept the following items; helmets, baby car seats, cribs and high chairs, undergarments, large TVs, used tires and rims, large appliances, used soiled mattresses, open toiletries, broken barbecues, propane tanks and used gas cans, open cans of paint and solvents or any potential toxic or flammable liquids or sprays.  We appreciate all of the support with your donations, at the same time we need to let you know we do reserve the right not to accept items that hold no value and pose a harm to storing or selling.

Thank you for your service to our community and our Fire Department!!    Comments

Help wanted at Cascade Medical Center

Docks looking for homes…………..

These two docks came down the lake when the ice left April 1-2 and are beached at Crescent Beach. If they’re yours, come and get ’em.