NOAA and the Lake Wenatchee Uplake Cam

A year ago, soon after launching the uplake cam the local weather service office contacted us.  They wanted to use the uplake cam to help correlate their cloud cover models and satellite images with a real time image.  We are happy to help the local weather forecasting effort.  Today on their Facebook page the cam was featured again as they have been watching the ice on the lake FROM SPACE.  They are detecting changes in temperature which indicates the ice is beginning to soften.  On the North Shore last weekend the ice is very think along the shore, where the water level came up.  The ice adjacent to the flag was still 5 or 6 inches thick as measured from our dock.  The last guesses on the flag falling are 3/17 and 4/1, we will know who is closest by the end of the weekend. Facebook Comments

Submitted by: Kathi Bonallo

The community is invited to Pastor Jon Johnson’s Installation Service on Sunday, March 26 at 10:00 am at Plain Community Church on Chapel Drive.  Pastor Jon will be bringing the message.  A reception of cookies, coffee, tea & juice will follow. Please come and introduce yourself to our newest Plain Valley residents, Pastor Jon & Tami Johnson.

Jon is not your “ordinary” pastor.   He comes to Plain with years of unique experience as a Pastor, Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff, and Firefighter. Pastor Jon is a good fit for a community church as he has a diverse faith background including Lutheran, Baptist, non-denominational, Nazarene, and was ordained under the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies. He has a Doctorate of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership (DMIN); He is currently enrolled in a Doctorate of Theology (THD) program. Pastor Jon states he is nondenominational and is into relationship not religion; Jon believes church is people not a building.  Additional Information: Kathi Bonallo,    Church Phone: 509-763-3621  Website    Comment on our Facebook Page

Mountain View Yard Care

Call us today for all your yard and lawn care needs.

Located at Midway Village
Chuck at 509-699-6662

State Park XC Grooming to end Sat. 3-18

The State Park grooming crew are planning on making one final pass on the trails and sled hill this Saturday.  Grooming status will be posted here on Saturday morning.  Check for final details, as of now the plan is to groom all trails except Chiwawa.

The Era of Megafires, Friday, March 24th

The Era of Megafires; A 70-minute multi-media presentation by Dr. Paul Hessburg of the Pacific Northwest Research Station in Wenatchee and the University of Washington about the large fires of recent and future years. Why they are happening, what can be expected and what can be done about them. I’ve seen this presentation and it is very informative and worthwhile. Come see this-  it is worth your time:  Friday, March 24th, 6:30 PM, at the  Plain Community Church:


Update: Ice Flag Contest 2017

A month in, the Ice Flag is standing tall.  There are 4 guesses (out of 25) that are still in the running.

3-15         3-17 (x2)          4-1

This weeks forecast for warmer weather and rain, could see the flag fall, but I would bet that the April 1 guess will be the only one in the running by the weekend.

Feb 13th Post:

It has been a decade since we have had major ice on Lake Wenatchee.  Long time readers of Lakewenatcheeinfo may recall that back in 2007 we had a “guess the day” the flag will fall contest.  You can track the status of the flag on Lake Wen 1 webcam.  To enter your guess add it as a comment on our Facebook page.  Bragging rights will be awarded to the winner.  This is a new flag, the old one is lost under the snow, the new flag is weighted so it should tip over when ice softens.  Please continue to use good judgement around the ice.

On Monday, March 20th, from 5PM to closing, Icicle Brewing Company at 935 Front Street in Leavenworth will donate 25% of their receipts to the Cascade Medical Foundation. Cascade Medical provides our medical services in Leavenworth and, in partnership with Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue, provides ambulance/emergency medical services to the Lake Wenatchee/Plain area. This is a good thing for all of us and fun too. Come on down !!