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New Snowmobiling Face Book page

asEveryone wants to know..  How much did it snow last night?  Did you see the three Moose again today?   How were the trails?   Did you take Ice Cream to Tom & Katy at Trinity?

Well, here’s where we can all stay up to date with photos and reports.  Join in and tell the world: SNOWMOBILING LAKE WENATCHEE

And a big Thank You to Lacey Hartje for the great photos!

Camp Zanika Lache Sledding Day

1What a great turn out for an amazing day of sledding. We were so happy to luck out and get a good day with lots of snow! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Alexis Blessing
Program Director

Camp Zanika Lache Free Sledding Day

IMG_0491Camp Fire Northwest is hosting a free sledding day at Camp Zanika Lache, on January 17th. Everyone is welcome to come enjoy hot cocoa, snacks and a fun time sledding. Camp Zanika is located at 16400 Cedar Brae Rd on the South shore lf Lake Wenatchee. For more information please call 663-1609 or email moc.liamgnull@wcnerifpmac

Hazardous weather warning

Wintery mix II The National Weather Service forecast for today and tonight is calling for significant snowfall through the day followed by freezing rain. See the entire forecast and hazardous weather warning at   Warning




Ice Fishing Conditions

IceFishingFishLakeAfter our post earlier this week about reporting on Ice Fishing conditions on Fish Lake, we received a lot of interest. We think the best way to be able to provide timely information is to crowd source this info. We have set up the following Facebook Page: Fishlake Ice Fishing Please post ice status and fish brags on this page to the benefit of the community. Note: the ice conditions have been very iffy this year, a couple of folks broke thru earlier this week so be appropriately cautious.