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Spring clean-up………………

Spring cleanup In local observation of Earth Day, Mary Gallagher organized a road-cleanup effort to get some of the trash out from along our roads. Volunteers Bill and Nancy Miller, John Christianson, Anne Mueller, Juli Martinez, George Wilson and (pictured)  Pete Mueller, Jeff Kastning and Bill Moffat joined Mary in sprucing up sections of SR207 and the Chiwawa Loop Road. Bob and Darlyn McCarty of Blue Grouse lodge volunteered their dumpster for disposal of the 17  bags of trash collected.


Wildlife warning…………….

Black bear II We always have concerns about hitting deer or other animals on the roads in our area but this year to date seems    to indicate that some additional caution would be well placed. Whether due to low winter kill because of the mild winter or other reasons the bear and deer sightings stories are coming on very heavy for this time of the year. Bears are being seen regularly and there seem to be more deer than usual any time of the day but particularly at dusk and during hours of darkness. We were returning to the lake from Leavenworth about 8:30 PM Sunday night and saw several deer right on the shoulder or right-of-way in the canyon,  then about 1 mile North of Coles Corner on SR207 saw  a large black bear coming through the ditch headed from Natapoc to Nason Creek. I stood hard on the brakes, re-arranging everything in the back of the SUV in the process,  but missed the bear by about 10 feet. Obviously got a good close look at him and he was one BIG bear.  Be warned-  they’re out there……………….


Nason Ridge and Coulter Creek Forest Lands

NasonRidgeMeetingLast weekend community members from the Lake Wenatchee/Plain area met to learn about and discuss plans for the local timber land owned by the Weyerhaeuser Company. The public turn-out exceeded that of the two previous meeting dealing with the same topic held earlier in Leavenworth and Dryden. The meeting was hosted by Chelan County, Chelan Douglas Land Trust and the Trust for Public Land.

The question: Should the Weyerhaeuser timber lands be purchased?

The meeting’s purpose was for stake holders to determine public interest in acquiring the Weyerhaeuser land and to question the participants about their interests in how this property should be used and managed, with an emphasis on the consequences of management of this possible acquisition.

A steering committee meeting of the stake-holders was held in January and included representatives from Chelan County, Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, Nature Conservancy, State Fish and Game, State Parks, Department of Nature Resources, US Forest Service, and recreational groups, including the Nason Ridge Brush Cutters. Another meeting scheduled for this spring to plan next steps. [Read More...]

Upper Wenatchee Community Lands Plan

Capture Nason Ridge Community Meeting
Saturday April 11th 10am at the Rec Club

Join friends and neighbors and provide input on the future of one of the largest undeveloped pieces of land in the area.

Additional background info article from the Wenatchee World Link

For those of you who appreciate the Nason Ridge ski trails, an important opportunity to express your support for recreational access to this area (skiing, biking, hiking . . . ) is coming up on April 11.  Nearly the entire Nason Ridge trail system beyond Kahler Glen is on private land currently owned by Weyerhaeuser.  Weyerhaeuser has expressed an interest in selling the property, and in fact put the land up for auction sale a couple years ago.  Future recreational access is uncertain at this time.

A partnership including Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, Chelan County, The Trust for Public Land, The Nature Conservancy, and a steering committee of landowners, citizens, and recreationists are developing a “Community Lands Plan”.  Input is being sought regarding this land and similar “Checkerboard ownership” properties in Chelan County that might be up for sale in the near future.  “The vision articulated in the Community Lands Plan can guide future investments by public and private property owners and potentially lead to land management that will benefit local communities.” More Info

Thank you,
Rick Halstead
Park Manager
Lake Wenatchee State Park

016Are you curious about wood carving or an experienced artist who loves to create beauty?  If so, then we invite you to join our new wood carving group. This will be an opportunity to explore and work with others exchanging ideas, patterns and techniques.  Relief carvings, caricatures, decoys, Native American designs and other styles are all welcome.   For more information please contact Dennis at TEN.IWNnull@OCMMELC