The Moonlight Music Fest in Plain is this Saturday evening, August 19th!  The family-oriented event begins at 6:30 PM at it’s new location across the road from the Old Mill restaurant in Plain so bring your chairs and let Velvet Elvis and country artist Dylan Jakobsen entertain you until 9:30 PM. Parking will be along State Haul road adjacent to the restaurant. Admission is free but this event is to support Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue so the boot will be passed for donations. The 59’er Diners’s Joe Cannata  will be your emcee and tail twister and is always good for a laugh.

Food will be available on site or nearby with some of the proceeds again going to benefit the firefighters.  The Beaver Valley School students will sell cookies, the local 4-H members will have hot dogs, chips and bottled water and the Old Mill will have spaghetti available outside the restaurant.

The Plain Cellars winery on State Haul Road will hold a pre-event beginning at 4:30 PM with food and wine available for purchase-  this event also benefitting LWFR. This has always been a truly fun community event so come on out and be part of it.  

Bear Proof Your Trash

BearProofTrash bins have been dumped over on both the West and East ends of North Shore the last couple of days, so it time to re-post the following Bear Proof Trash Locks, design by Tim Beard on North Shore. Bears have tested this trash can security system multiple times and failed to open the lid. Parts are available at Plain Hardware. Clasps open easily for homeowners and trash collectors. Here is a close up of the assembled lid lock:
Bear Latch (2)

By George Wilson:

In 2007, with state funding grants, Chelan County began the process of reviewing/updating the current Shoreline Master Plan that was implemented in 1975. An integral part of that process is reviewing the Shoreline Environmental Designation category of the shoreline of water bodies in Chelan County. The Chelan County Department of Community Development hosted a public meeting in the Commissioners chambers on July 26th to review segments of the draft revision of the Shoreline Master Plan, specifically the proposed Shoreline Environmental Designation categories assigned to some of our area water bodies. (Comments at our FB Page)
The North Shore of Lake Wenatchee is currently (in the 1975 SMP) designated Rural and under the proposed revision ( Draft SMP) that would change to Urban; The South Shore is currently Conservancy with possible change to Urban as far West as Camp Zanika and Natural further west (there is a request to change the USFS leased lands to Urban). The Cove Resort area of Fish Lake is currently Conservancy (with a request to change to Rural), and the North Shore residential area of Fish Lake is currently Natural and proposed to retain a ‘natural’ designation (with a request to change to ‘rural’). Most of Brae Burn residential lots are currently Conservancy with a proposed to change to Rural.

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Closed to Fishing means CLOSED TO FISHING.

A local poacher who was arrested for snagging and paid the price by losing all his fishing gear and spent time in jail for the unethical fishing.

WDFW would like to remind anglers that the Wenatchee River from the Icicle Road Bridge in Leavenworth to Lake Wenatchee is closed to fishing. On Wednesday night, WDFW Police officers cited two, poachers, not anglers, for fishing closed waters and attempting to snag salmon in Plain. The gear in their possession was common snagging gear. Penalties for fishing closed waters, snagging, and possessing protected species of fish ranges from several hundred dollars in fines, the forfeiture of the fishing gear, and possible jail time. Please help protect future fishing generations. To report poaching activity to include fishing closed waters please call the Washington State Patrol Wenatchee office at 509-860-8090 and follow the prompts to contact a Fish and Wildlife Police Officer.

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Nason Ridge Update

This has been a very busy week for the team working on saving Nason Ridge.  If you haven’t had a chance to sign on the online petition please take a moment and add your name to the 1750 or so community members, visitors and concerned citizens that have signed on so far.  Petition Link

Weyerhaeuser has agreed to suspend road building and hold off on logging while negotiations continue.  The photo above is of a new access road that runs from the top of the ridge to just above the Nason Ridge Trail.  One more day and the middle segment of Nason Ridge Trail would look like this.  The voices of the community were key in getting this suspension.

In addition to suspending the road building and logging, Weyerhaeuser has reopened the Nason Ridge Trail.

The next steps will be a formal negotiation between Weyerhaeuser and a Land Trust to determine a price for the land and timber.  This process will take a number of months to complete, we will update you as more details become available.  In the mean time we have received excellent press coverage from the Wenatachee World and a reprint in the Seattle times.

Wenatchee World Article

Seattle Times Article


By Jennifer Hadersberger, Chelan County Natural Resources
For several years, Chelan County Natural Resources Department has worked with the community and fisheries management agencies to develop a plan to evaluate the food web dynamics in Lake Wenatchee. We are excited to announce that we have secured partial funds to start this monitoring effort. This summer, fisheries biologists will begin data collection in Lake Wenatchee, the Little Wenatchee, and the White River to monitor juvenile spring Chinook salmon. The results will help scientists understand the distribution, feeding behavior, growth, and risk of predation as these fish migrate through the Lake. This research will also estimate which fish eat juvenile spring Chinook salmon. This data will also provide an initial estimate for predation losses imposed on juvenile salmon by different predators. Future studies, if funded, will calculate the survival rate of spring Chinook as they migrate through the lake. Data will be collected by Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Geological Survey, and US Forest Service Research Station. There will be a community meeting later this year to discuss the preliminary results of the data collected this summer. For more information about this project, see the web page  or contact Jennifer Hadersberger at or (509) 667-6682.  LWI Facebook Comments

 On August 7th the Chelan County Commissioners delayed a final vote on rules which will govern marijuana production in Chelan County. A large crowd overwhelmingly favoring the growers was present and the comments reported as being angry and very hostile toward commissioners and supporters of the proposed rules.  Commissioners voted to extend the period for comments to be submitted by the public through Thursday, August 10th, and the issue continued to the commissioners meeting at 10:15 AM on August 22nd. Please submit your comments on this issue to all three Commissioners by today (Thursday, Aug 10th).   Facebook